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We would love to include your artwork on our Instagram page Please email us an image of your artwork and permission form (click here to download) to We will upload  your work using the hashtag #viewthroughawindow. Please tell us which art materials you used, the title of your work (if any) and anything you'd like to say about it. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us - we can't wait to see what you make. 

Image of the art room, Ward 1, New Victoria Hospital. Vases of purple and orange flowers on a table in the foreground. In the background there are lots of images of the patients who participate in the art in hospital sessions at the New Victoria. A pencil drawing of a stag is on the wall, alongwith a colourful orange and blue hilly landscape, another drawing is of an abstract composition made up of rectangular and square shapes in a deep blue, ochre and jade green. Another drawing is of a gothic landscape with purple sky fading into grey hills and foreground with black tree and arch. Other drawings are also visible on the back wall of the art room.

The Art Room, Ward 1, New Victoria Hospital.

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