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This video was made as part of the Renal Dialysis Reflection Project and is a conversation between  Myra Cox who attended the Art in Hospital art sessions in the renal dialysis unit at Inverclyde hospital, Greenock, and the artists who facilitated the art sessions; Belinda Guidi and Maria Doyle. Images of Myra's work are shown alongside discussion of the  project and the work she made.

Belinda Guidi and Maria Doyle worked together facilitating art sessions with Renal Dialysis Patients at Inverclyde Hospital in Greenock during winter of 2012/13 for 4 months. Returning again in September 2018  to reflect on the project and re-experience the location,  revisit  patients and the renal dialysis unit, and experience the journey patients needed to make to receive their dialysis from surrounding Islands such as The Isle of Bute. 

The conversation in this video was recorded during this revisiting and is a reflective piece between Maria, Belinda and Myra.

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