In this section we have gathered material on a variety of subjects, which you can access by clicking on any of the links below. These links have been grouped thematically and the areas of interest have been suggested by the Art in Hospital artists and by some of the source material that inspires patients in the art sessions as part of our art programme. A few more are specifically related to our current remote situation.

The themes range from ISLAND - where you will find online links to videos, sounds and images - to RELAXATION - where you will find links to music and poetry - a mixture of relaxing and inspiring pieces - suggested by the Art in Hospital artists.

Scroll further down this page to find the different sections and click on any of the links that take your interest. 


Here are a selection of artists and artistic themes that the Art in Hospital team find inspiring, or are firm favourites in the art sessions. 


Transport yourself to the Scottish Islands with this collection of artists and historical audio, film and video looking at the life, culture and beauty of Island Life.

Image: Looking over to the isle of Eigg. Courtesy of Rebecca Wilcox


This is a collection of film, sounds, and artworks that relate to ideas of 'inside' - the home, our personal worlds, and 'outside' - the great outdoors and beyond.

Created with the desire to bring the experiences of outdoors to those who might be currently unable to access it.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Wilcox


This section presents a variety of artworks, exhibitions and practices that show the  ways artists (and writers) have responded to the idea of nature over time. Some of this work depicts natural environments - both real and imaginary - some reflects on the natural world in an appreciative, escapist or meditative way, and some is related to our differing relationships with ecologies and natural histories around the globe. 

Image: Lithograph. The fruit the flowers and the leaf of the Durio zibethinus. Public domain image.


Here you will find some links to music and poetry - a mixture of relaxing and inspiring pieces - suggested by the Art in Hospital artists.


Colour is a fundamental element of many forms of art-making. Musicians, artists, psychiatrists, medics and philosophers  have meditated on the subject of colour over the centuries. 

Here is a collection of paintings, songs, writing, film and art that celebrates and explores our relationship to colour.  You'll find works by the Scottish Colourists, the Fauvists, Derek Jarman, Helen Frankenthaler and Frank Bowling and much more.

Image: Samuel John Peploe, Tulips - The Blue Jug, 1910 - 1911, National Galleries Scotland.


Many galleries and museums remain closed until the Covid-19 situation is safer, and as a result of this there's an abundance of material that's been made available to experience online. This section presents a selection of artworks and collections as well as videos and information about the history of some galleries and museums themselves.

Image: Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery Central Hall by Michael D Beckwith  (CC use)


This is a collection of videos and articles about artists who are inspired by sound, or use sound and music as a vital part of their artworks.

Image: Wassily Kandinsky, Graceful Ascent, oil on canvas, 1934, public domain image.


This is a collection of film, video, sounds and images that explore Glasgow past and present. You'll find heritage archival material along with influential and inspiring works of art and poetry from Glasgow's rich artistic and cultural communities.

Image: Glasgow from Gartnavel Hospital Window, Rebecca Wilcox


This collection presents some artists who have been inspired by the intertwining of work and our everyday lives; our horizons, our emotional life, the accessibility of leisure time, and our agency as political members of society. It also presents some documentation of the world of work specifically related to the industrial past in and around Glasgow.

Image: Kate Davis, ‘Weight’, installation view ‘Nudes Never Wear Glasses’, Stills, Edinburgh, 2017. Photo: Ruth Clark. Courtesy of the artist.


Background Artwork by Lily Ross 'Untitled'  Watercolour on paper 2019

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