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Christine made the following works in the Art in Hospital sessions in the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Langlands Building at the QEUH in 2019. Christine attended the sessions regularly and for an extended period of time. The images below follow a chronological order, with the drawing of the apples below being the first piece of work that Christine made in the Art in Hospital sessions. Christine worked both from imagination and from observing still life objects and imagery from books, using watercolour pencils, watercolour paints and acrylic paints, and using her non-dominant hand to draw and paint.

Thanks to Christine for kindly allowing us to share her work.

Delicate coloured pencil drawing, depicting apples in a row.
Delicate coloured pencil drawing of a jug, it appears to be golden in colour.
Atmospheric watercolour painting of a loosely rendered landscape in moss and heather colours..
Painting of a landscape in deep brown heather-like and brown bracken colours. The painting is lively and evokes a feel of being in the elements.
A vivid landscape painting depicting mountains and a green valley. The sky is a strong azure blue and there's red foliage in the foreground.
A delicate and energetic coloured pencil drawing of a shoal of fish. They're depicted in a variety of colours and are clustered together,
A delicate coloured pencil drawing of a group of female figures. It's subtly rendered, with lots of space and light. The figures are dressed in 19th century style dresses.

The works below are from Christine's archive from July 2018 - Jan 2019.

A life drawing of a female lying on a leaf patterened bed.
A vivid painting of a tree lined path through a bright grassy park. The trees are lefless and blue-grey in colour and the sun casts striking shadows across the path.
A softly rendered painting of a park scene. The sun creates dappled shadows over the grass, the trees are abundant with leaves of many shades of green, and small flashes of colour in the foreground suggest flowers.
A painting in a realist style depicting branches of green leaves over a pool of water, with yellow butterflies.
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