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Here is a collection of Cat images for you to enjoy. A very popular subject in our art classes, you can use these as starting points for sketches, paintings, collages. 

Pretty tabby cat with dark brown, sandy brown markings, and white around it's mouth and whiskers. It has a little bell collar and is sitting upright with it's paws together, looking slightly to the left.
Profile of brown tabby cat with bell collar.
Pretty brown tabby cat with green eyes and a bell collar, perched on a kitchen stool with it's head tilted slightly to the right.

Images above courtesy of Belinda Guidi

Japanese print of a Cat Catching a Frog by Kawanabe Kyosai. Tall reeds arch over the cat who has a frog caught in its right paw.

Image: "Cat Catching a Frog" by Kawanabe Kyōsai is licensed under CC0 1.0

Lithograph of cat in black and white. The cat has dark markings on it forehead and cheeks and is white around it's eyes, mouth and bib. It has small ears and a very round face.

Image:"The Favorite Cat" by Nathaniel Currier is licensed under CC0 1.0

A sleek brown cat with striped markings on its face and back, it has very pale green eyes and pointy ears and a red collar. It's sitting in the grass surrounded by daisies.

Image courtesy of Lotte Gertz

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