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Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens

Video taken by Alison Newman of Mary McGuinness at work during a trip to Glasgow's Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens. Mary was a patient on a Medicine for the Elderly Ward at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


Photograph from above, we can see the artist drawing purple and deep orange flowers with aquarelle crayons.

Mary McGuinness at work.

The following are a selection of photographs made by hospital and community patients John Leiser, Gordon McIntosh, Cathy Brown and Margaret Conway, with Maria Doyle and Anna Sheard during a visit to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens.

Colour photograph of Botanic Gardens pond, with goldfish just under the surface, lily pads and reflection of the glass and metal roof.
Colour photograph inside the Botanic Gardens glasshouse, with a white stone statue of a  sitting nude female with a headscarf.
Colour photograph of water with bright goldfish just under the surface and reflections of plants, circular object and a glass and metal roof.
Colour photograph of a close up of dark green, white and red veined leaves.
Colour photograph. Blurry palm leaves.
A monochrome photograph withing the glasshouse in the Botanic Gardens (Kibble Palace), in shot is a ferm and the metal and glass roof.
Colour photograph. A soft focus picture of a white stone statue of female figure holding a child.
Colour photograph of a cobweb and spider with green leaf in the background.
A close up colour photograph of a bright green leaf with slightly muted green veins.
Colour photograph of bright red funnel shaped tropical plant
Monochrome photograph of large cacti and window paned roof.
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