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Here is a collection of animal images for you to enjoy, you could use these as starting points for sketches, paintings, collages. 

The following photographs are courtesy of Daisy Richardson

 Black and white flopy eared goat standing against and building with streaky orange and white plaster on the wall and wrought iron border at the base.
Albatross sitting on the rock and pale grey green leaves. It's body is grey and it's head looks a pale pink colour and it's beak is a muted yellow colour.
An indian grey elephant with white tusks standing in front of a sandy coloured building it is carrying a beigey tent like shape on it's back which is sitting on a faded pinky red quilt.
A very thin cow with horns in an Indian street scene, the cow is white and the buildings in the background are pale colours with a pale blue car nand pale blue shop awning visible.
Grey pelican with white markings on it's head standing on dark grey rocks in a dark blue sea with white foam in the background.
Close up of the face of an Land Iguana.
A dark grey sea lion with the light reflecting on it's wet skin, it's body and head arch over to the left and it is surrounded by dark grey rocks and pale grey sea.

The following photographs are courtesy of Belinda Guidi

Black and white small cows side by side and peering through a wire fence in a large green field.
Palmino horse with sandy mane and markings it is standing stationary in a field of green.
Profile view of Palomino Horse in green field.
Large black and white cow grazing with draker brown calf to it's left and pale brown cow in the distance. The cows are in a field that has a small stone wall and rolling hills beyond and city buildings in the far distance.
Close up of brown calf sticking out it's pink tongue and looking through the bars of it's pen.
Profile of a brown cow licking someones hand.
close up of sandy brown and drark brown hedgehog.
Portrait of Highland cow with hair over it's eyes and big horns resting under a tree in a green field.
 Highland cow resting beneath a tree seen from the back.
Swan standing on the ground next to a pond. It is arching it's head to the right so you see the profile of it's face.
White swan standing by a pond it it is looking down at the ground.
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